"Go away everyone! Jen is mine. You can not have her!

Serious note: You're never going to find a better designer. Jen literally gets into your head a produces all the things, then she goes BEYOND! Jen has worked with Groovy Lab in a Box since inception and she owns her work. Owns, meaning, she works as if she owns the company. She not only gets the work done, but she has an innate ability to forcast obstacles, works within budgets, motivates and inspires others simply by being present. She is a fixer. If she is not familiar with a new software, then she will figure it out to make a project work. She shares with the team what she knows and learns.

Another great strength is Jen's balance between work and family. Jen is dedicated to both which makes for a great employee/contractor. I truly believe the type of discipline she brings to any work environment enriches that environment10 fold. She shows up in all capacities. She makes working fun. She gets your through the hard parts and celebrates the good parts. I could go on and on because my "file" on Jen is large ... but remember what I said: You can't have her because she is my #1 Groovy Gal and yes, I get jealous, fight for her... Why? Because all the things good at Groovy have a sprinkle of Magic from Jen Pack. and that's what I call her Jen Pack "Magic." I know I speak for all those at my company, when I speak these words.

Still, her creations bring tears to my eyes, and much joy to my heart. I know I could not do this without you. Thank you Jen!"

–Elaine Hansen, President & CEO, Groovy Lab in a Box, A Product of Academics in a Box Inc. 
"Jen was my saving grace. I was starting a business and needed everything from scratch, even the logo. I was not blessed with the creative gene, but luckily Jen was! Her ideas are unique and professional, and were essential to me developing a brand. She quickly got to work and within days I had a fantastic logo and business cards ready to go. The website came together beautifully in no time. She was easy to work with, had great ideas, and also worked out a flexible payment plan that fit my needs as a new company. She is highly recommended!" 
–Carla Myers, Discovery Behavior Solutions

"Black Cat Studios is the main reason for our organizations success, as a bootstrapped start up we found Jennifer Pack through a referral and have not looked back since.  The work is always on point, meets our standards and branding principles and is always fully flushed prior to delivery.  The best part is we are a team, and truly view Black Cat Studios as an extension to our organization."
–Brian Lloyd, Qbox

"Jen was fantastic to work with throughout the whole design process and we are so pleased with the final result. A wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you Jen!"
–Morna Pollock, Bramble Box
“Jen Pack is without a doubt one of the best graphic designers we have had the privilege of working with during our 10 years in business at Alphagraphics. Artistically, she has created some of the finest pieces we have produced. Her design work is also technically sound. This is very important in our discipline, especially in a time when designers are not trained to create for print. Jen is creative, bright, and a joy to work with. I'm very pleased to recommend her.”
–Richard Dannenberg, Alphagraphics (printing company)

"Jennifer Pack, an award winning designer freelance designer who runs Black Cat Studios, brought the look of the Language Tree to life. We can affirm 'intuition' is her middle name. Whether establishing the 'right look' for a website, creating a 'That's it' logo, or a thought provoking book cover, the versatility and clarity of her work speaks for itself."
–Lottie Murakami, The Language Tree

"We get lots of compliments on it [our website] and it has already brought us new business! We had a new customer come to us with two good jobs based solely on our website...even though it would have been closer for him to go to Columbus!"
–Gene Imbody, United Lutherie

"You Rock! Your work and creativity for this project have exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful that you were willing take me on as a client.

The time demands of parenthood combined with business ownership have left me with little time for interaction with other artists. Seeing your design unfold has helped feed my creative spirit."
–Elizabeth McKeever, McKeever Fine Art

“Jennifer is without a doubt one of the most talented graphic designers I ever had the privilege to work with. She is extremely creative and willing to take risks with her designs. Jen has worked on many projects for my company over the years and each book she works on is truly unique.”
–Henry Beers, Indigo Custom Publishing

“Jennifer was the first graphic designer I had the opportunity to work with after entering the advertising agency arena. That was over 15 years ago and others still rarely measure up to the standards she set! She is detailed oriented and has the capability of being extraordinarily talented and creative...while understanding budget constraints and deadlines. Her work is impeccable and her attitude is great! After many years of working with other designers, I now am working with Jennifer on projects again. Still...she rocks!”
–Vicki Mills, Vice President, Imedia Group

" I have known Jennifer for a very long time. She has always been kind, considerate, encouraging, smart, and extremely talented. When I needed a website for my photography business, I knew that I had to have Jennifer design it! I have not regretted my decision for one moment. She has went above and beyond my expectations. No question or problem was too small or too big for her to help with. I would and do highly recommend her to anyone wanting an experienced and imaginative professional photographer or graphic design artist."
–Christy Spurlock, Southern Expressions Photography

"You did a beautiful job - the pictures are amazing! You are a very gifted photographer."
–Ingrid McCullough, Photography Client

–Terra Mason, Photography Client

oh my gosh i love them, i might just do a whole scrapbook for my mom w/ these because there are just so many i like.
you're awesome! :D"
–Brooke Miller, Photography Client

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