Me, I'm all about the design. I could tell you about all of the awards I've won in the past.* But those really aren't important. What is important is creating the most fantastic design I can for my clients. I enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best possible solution for their design problems. Communication and mind reading** are two of the most important tools I have for making my clients happy. Because that's what's really important–happy, satisfied clients who come back for more design.

Inspiration doesn't always come when I expect it. Sometimes the great ideas come when I'm walking in the park with my seven-year old, tickling my twelve-year old, scribbling with crayons or doing anything but trying to come up with a good idea. My cats inspired "pounce. nap. create." I pounce when I have a good idea and put it down on whatever paper I can find. Pouncing also refers to play, which is an important part of the creative process. When I'm thinking about a new idea– a nap or just relaxing can help ideas bubble to the surface. And I think that create is pretty self explanatory. Creation is what brings ideas to life.

*Ok, ok, if you must know, my design work won numerous awards during my seven years as Art Director at Bright Ideas Group in Macon, Georgia. In 2002, I left Bright Ideas Group and opened the doors to my freelance design business–Black Cat Studios. Since then, I've lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan, Dayton, Ohio, Anchorage, Alaska, Vacaville, California and am now based out of Renton, Washington. I'm happy to say that I've kept several clients coming back for more design over the past seventeen years.

**I don't really have ESP, but some of my clients claim that I do.
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